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5 reasons why you need a vertical or horizontal baler for cardboard  

4 April 2019

Running a business often goes hand in hand with accumulation of cardboard and paper waste, the amount of which grows with the development of the company. The more waste, the greater the cost of disposal and the more space required for storage. A vertical baler for cardboard or a horizontal baler can help to overcome the problem of excessive cardboard waste production.

Cardboard boxes at the landfill

The main task of a cardboard compacting machine is to reduce the volume of waste. The machine can be in the form of a vertical baler as well as an automatic horizontal baler with a larger feed opening. The horizontal baler allows you to adjust the length of a bale, as well as it facilitates compacting much more waste.

Reducing the volume of waste is not the only advantage of this type of compaction equipment. Here are a few more.

1. Reducing company expenses

Bramidan balers for cardboard can contribute to a significant reduction of company expenses. If you compact cardboard in a baler, you can quickly get rid of overfilled containers, because the compacted waste takes up less space. By reducing the volume of transported containers, your company can make a lot of savings.  

Compacted cardboard boxes take up much less space, thanks to which waste can be transported from your company even several times less frequent. It is therefore possible to reduce both transport costs and the costs associated with waste storage.

Moreover, when your waste is compacted into ready-to-receive bales you can negotiate better prices with waste handling companies. This makes it possible to gain bigger revenues from the sale. It is worth to know that compacted recyclables have a definitely higher value, which will allow you to get a significantly higher sale price.

Horizontal baler CC - removing the bale

Horizontal baler CC - removing the bale

Horizontal baler CC - the bale ejection

Horizontal baler CC - the bale ejection

Horizontal baler HPK - loading the baler with cardboard  

Horizontal baler HPK - loading the baler with cardboard

Horizontal bales HPK - removing the bale

Horizontal bales HPK - removing the bale

2. Compaction saves space

The cardboard baler will reduce the amount of storage needed for waste significantly. This enables more efficient use of the available space. All companies and stores, where each centimeter of warehouse space counts, will benefit from additional place. As it is known: Waste volume reduction also means reduction in the costs of storage.

Efficient logistics and management of space is a very important element in the effective functioning of the company - the space saved can be allocated, among others for deployment of additional assortment or new machines to improve the company's operation.

3. Improvement of logistics

The cardboard waste collected in the company requires regular transport to waste handling companies. The machine for compacting cardboards by reducing the volume of waste, allows to minimize the number of necessary transports, which in turn improves the logistics of the company.

Fewer transport courses mean fewer problems related to planning an effective schedule for waste disposal - rush hour and holiday periods will cease to be cumbersome. The company will be able to afford less frequent emptying of containers and thus avoid the paralysis caused by delayed collection of waste by an external company.

Additionally, the baler for cardboard can be equipped with the Bramidan Intelligent Monitoring Solution (BRA-IN). Thanks to the modem and SIM card installed in the device, you have access to information about the current filling level of the machine, the number of ready bales or even service needs. All this enables efficient transport organization when the amount of waste reaches a certain level.

BRA-IN - device monitoring system

BRA-IN - device monitoring system

4. Improving the safety of employees

Baler for cardboard can contribute to increase to security of employees. The compatibility of our machines with the EN16500 standard means, among others, that the device will not start operation until the door is closed, which eliminates the risk of accidentally starting the machine, and a dual security system of the device detects each failure and stops the device if a failure occurs.
The machines are tight and free of protruding elements, and have a strong spindle lock which ensures control of door opening. To remove the bale you need to use two hands at the same time - the bale ejection is therefore completely safe and controlled.
In addition, the equipment is characterized by quiet operation, so the employees are not exposed to high noise level.

Safe bale ejection

X30 - safe bale ejection

Safe closing of the door

X30 - safe closing of the door

5. Convenience and time saving

Baler for cardboard provides an easy and quick way to reduce the volume of waste by several times. Operation of the device is extraordinarily simple, so - after a short training, employees will be able to compact the waste without any problems. Simple control panel has only 2 buttons. In addition, the machine suggests the next step using the backlight and the full-light indicator tells you when the bale is ready to be tied.

Our balers with low profile can be placed close to the source of waste, thanks to which it is possible to quickly and extremely comfortably compact the cardboards. Time saved on waste handling will allow employees to focus on their daily duties.
Importantly, the baler for cardboard can be integrated with the production line - then the production residues are sent directly to the machine. Such work organization limits internal transport and increases work efficiency in the company.

X30 - loading the baler with cardboard     

X30 - loading the baler with cardboard

X30 - the bale ejection

X30 - the bale ejection

These are of course not the only benefits...

These are obviously not the only benefits of using a baler of this type. Are you thinking about buying a baler for cardboard? Contact us - our staff will be happy to advise you on selecting a baler which will be the most suitable for your company.

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