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Galvanized balers for waste with residuals and mobile compactors for wet waste - what works?

15. SEPTEMBER 2021

Some companies generate waste with residuals or wet waste, which require special equipment for disposal. Galvanized balers and mobile compactors are perfect for this purpose.

Organic waste and cans with residuals

What to do with organic waste or waste with residuals?

If you run a food processing business, a hotel, a restaurant or are in the cosmetics business, you are likely to generate a lot of wet waste or fractions with residuals.

What to do with it? You must handle it properly and take into account the legislation, financial considerations and hygiene in the workplace. You must also have the right equipment that is corrosion resistant and can handle wet organic material and waste with residues of liquid, such as plastic bottles, cans or cartons from dairy products.

Depending on the type of business you run and your preferences, you can choose from:

  • Galvanized balers
  • Mobile compactors - PSR-PHR model

Galvanized balers handle waste with liquid residues

Bramidan's series of galvanized balers for waste with liquid residues are designed for use in wet or demanding environments. The baler is mainly used to compress products in plastic, aluminum and EPS waste, which may contain residual liquids. Through compression, you significantly reduce the volume of these fractions. At the same time, it means you save on disposal costs because you minimize the frequency of waste collection.

The thick layer of zinc makes the chamber and other parts of the machine that come in contact with the wet fraction extremely resistant to corrosion. In addition, a drainage system can help divert the remaining liquid away from the machine, and the seal of the lower door prevents leaks.

We offer various models of galvanized balers: PC24 HD, X25, X30 and X50, both in the basic version and equipped with additional accessories, such as the special drainage system or our BRA-IN monitoring system with many advantages. So you can easily adapt the machine to your needs. Take a closer look at the small but strong baler PC24 HD Galvanized .

What do you get out of investing in a galvanized baler?

  • stop Effective compaction of waste with residuals.
  • stop Resistant surface to wet or demanding environments.
  • stop Large capacity for compacting waste.
  • stop Less CO2 emissions due to fewer transports in connection with waste collections.
  • stop Easy installation and low overall height.
  • stop Clear budgeting of operating costs - take advantage of our full service agreement
  • stop Possibility of online monitoring and remote support with BRA-IN data management
  • stop Lowest Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). We want the cost of using our machines to be the lowest on the market over 10 years.

Mobile compactors for wet waste

This type of machine can easily handle organic and wet waste that contains liquids and generates unpleasant odors. A special seal protects the PHR-PSR mobile compactors from leaks. With the help of an ozone system, unpleasant smells and odors from the machine can be reduced and controlled effectively. The operation of the equipment is extremely simple. Waste is filled through various hopper solutions adapted to the customer's needs. A pendulum and self-cleaning press plate moves forward and compresses the material, which is compressed inside the mobile compactor.

When the container is 75% or 100% full, a full light indicator flashes and you can call the waste collection company yourself or set up the machine for automatic collection messages. The waste collector picks up and empties the compactor, and then puts it back in its place again. The machine is not only very efficient but also safe to use. All cables and electrical parts are protected from moisture.

All new mobile compactors come standard with a BRA-IN control and communication unit. It ensures you minimal downtime and makes the best use of your compactor's capacity. Even in an environmentally friendly way due to a very low energy consumption. You can set up the mobile compactor for automatic pick-ups, depending on the filling level. You can also benefit from our remote service support, and get access to our BRA-IN web portal.

What do you get out of investing in a mobile compactor?

  • stop Quick and easy installation. Connect power and the compactor is ready for use.
  • stop Solutions for easy filling eg. from ramp, through wall or by lift.
  • stop Large capacity for compacting waste.
  • stop Less CO2 emissions due to fewer transports in connection with emptying.
  • stop Models are available with self-cleaning press plate for organic waste.
  • stop Clear budgeting of operating costs on the mobile compactor - take advantage of our full service agreement
  • stop All mobile compactors have a built-in BRA-IN Control Unit, which offers a wide range of benefits
  • stop Lowest Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). We want the cost of using our machines to be the lowest on the market over 10 years.

Choose the right machine!

We offer a wide range of balers and mobile compactors, so no matter what compaction need you have, we can find a waste solution that suits your business. The machines are robust and resistant to mechanical damage and protected from moisture.

The vertical balers comply with the strict European safety standard EN16500, while the mobile compactors are built according to the safety standard EN16486. This gives the user maximum protection in all operating phases.

Our machines are characterized by very reliable operation, low maintenance costs and help to reduce the cost of waste disposal. We also offer good warranty and advantageous service agreements on the machines. Contact us for more information!

Intelligent data management

Make faster and better decisions with our BRA-IN online monitoring system. With a modem and a data subscription, you can optimize your waste management and reduce costs.

Our service team can use online troubleshooting, which means fewer service visits and savings, because they can correct errors online or bring the right spare parts.

Installation and service

We not only guarantee the right choice of machine for your needs, but also offer nationwide and fast service .

Our service engineers are skilled and have made many large installations of compactors across the country.

Over the years, we have gained extensive experience with complex solutions, which require an overview and not least coordination with the client and engineers.

Questions? Call or write.


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