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Galvanized tipping system helps you lifting waste containers

26 October 2020

Do you need a tipping system with a resistant surface? For challenging or wet environments, we recommend our galvanized tipping system.

Flexible gripping system

The tipping system has a flexible gripping system and can thus lift and empty several types of waste containers, e.g. with or without trunnions.

The galvanized surface provides a longer durability when the tipping system is outside or otherwise located in a challenging or wet environment.

  • stopTips bins and waste containers up to 1100 litres
  • stopResistant surface
  • stopSafe two-hand operation

Use the tipping system to empty waste from your bins or waste containers into a compactor or onto a conveyor belt.

See all technical specifications for the galvanized tipping system here.

Mini-container placeres i galvaniseret tømmesystem fra Bramidan

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