Details and benefits

Wheels can be locked

You can easily move the bag press due to its wheels, which can be locked with a brake.

Locking wheels on a bag press

Steel chamber protects the bag

Compression inside a galvanized steel chamber prevents the bag from busting.

Galvanized steel chamber

Reduce the volume of your kitchen waste

Compact your kitchen waste, push the bag free from the chamber and tie it off.

Women tying of black plastic bag in the kitchen next to bag press

Questions asked about our Galvanized Bag Press

Yes, you can. The bag press compacts kitchen waste in a plastic bag placed inside a galvanized steel chamber. This prevents the bag from busting and there is no risk of contamination from the waste in the bag press to the food in your kitchen.

The bag press is developed for high hygiene environments and has a galvanized surface to make it resistant and durable, and eliminate the risk of contamination from paint and rust.

Yes, you can easily move the bag press due to the wheels underneath, which can be locked with a brake. The daily operation is simple and you can quickly change the plastic bag.

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