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Successful installation of three small balers

13. november 2019

A Printing company chose our balers for cardboard and plastic waste. This reduced the need for 22 mini-containers a week to just one.

Two B5 Wide models and one B4 have been installed at a Printing Company. Thanks to this investment the company reduced the amount of bins of waste from 22 x 1100 litre bins per week to just one.

Why do the customers appreciate the B5 Wide baler?

B5 Wide - Perfect for handling large boxes:

  • stopHigh capacity which gives you large output
  • stopWide filling opening (1 metre)
  • stopEfficient retainers hold compressed material down
  • stopThe bale is tipped out automatically
  • stopFront-placed strap rolls for easy strap change
  • stopOperates on single phase power supply
  • stopComplies with EU Safety Standard EN16500

See full technical specifications of B5 Wide

Why do the customers appreciate the B4 baler?

B4 - Easy to fit small footprint baler:

  • stopSimple control panel
  • stopAutomatic bale ejection
  • stopAutomatic full baler indicator
  • stopVery low noise level
  • stopLow overall width and height
  • stopCompacted bales measure just 70 x 50 x 35-65 cm
  • stopFront operated for installation in narrow spaces

See full technical specifications of B4

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Please contact our sales team. We offer a free trial if you are doubting a small baler is the right choice for you.

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