How does the B30 baler work?

Time-saving and easy waste handling

  1. Fill your plastic or cardboard waste into the baler.
  2. A full-light indicator tells you when the chamber is full.
  3. Tie off and eject the finished bale.
  4. Remove the bale and store until collection.

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The B30 baler is safe and easy to operate

The B30 baler is safe and easy to operate

As quiet as an air conditioner

Connect, monitor and analyze your equipment

Make the most of your equipment with our IOT solution. We call it BRA-IN, Bramidan Intelligence. Faster and better decisions, reducing your costs of operation while minimizing your impact on the environment. Access through the BRA-IN Webportal or App.*

  • check Data collection – of fill levels, bales ready for collection, equipment errors etc.
  • check Visualization – follow performance and location of machines.
  • check Interaction – with your machines, via relevant notifications to you or service partners.

*Requires active subscription, availability may vary from country to country

Buy or rent?

  1. Buy - you own it.
  2. Rent - for a time-limited period.
  3. Rent - with buy-back option.

You can always combine with service packages for easy administration.

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Service & maintenance

The right level of service is key to low operating cost over time.

We recommend that you make a service agreement to protect your investment. Contact us, we offer several service packages.

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Order supplies

Are you in doubt? Look at the consumables overview. Here you will find the type that fits your machine.

ORDER strapping, wires and plastic bags


We offer various accessories to ease your daily waste handling. See various options and make your choice.

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Who uses our vertical balers?

Many types of customers use our balers for compaction of waste:

They benefit from a Bramidan solution - read more

Woman fills crisps bags on shelves at grocery store

Retail Stores

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Female employee carrying boxes between shelves with kitchen appliances

Webshop – Own Distribution

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Cardboard boxes stacked on shelves in the warehouse

Distribution & Warehouse

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Cardboard boxes on assembly line with yellow baler in the background

Industry & Manufacturing

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People are queuing up to order food in a fast food restaurant

Fast Food Chains

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Man loads cardboard boxes of trailer over into compactor

Recycling Stations

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Large yellow forklift lifts cardboard bales

Waste Handling Companies

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Children sit at school desks writing

Public Sector

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Questions asked about this baler

The size and weight of the bale depends on waste type and the size of your baler.

Machines in our series of small footprint balers make bales that are easy to handle. Baler models B3 and B4 can even be set to make bales that are no heavier than 25-30 kg.

Bales from our small series weigh between 30-100 kg (for cardboard) and 40-130 kg (for plastic). Such bales can easily be removed from the baler with a trolley. Simply eject the bale onto the trolley and move it.

Bales made by machines in our range of Medium Sized Balers fit on a standard EUR pallet. They weigh between 200-350 kg (for cardboard bales) and 250-450 kg (for plastic bales), and you remove them with a pallet truck or fork lift.

Our Large Size Balers compact bales as heavy as 375-600 kg (cardboard) and 400-650 (plastic).
If you want to know the exact measurements of the bales, please check the machine specifications.

Bramidan balers are very safe to operate. The safety around our solutions meets the highest standard. Our machines comply with the highest European safety standard, EN16500.

All moving parts are placed inside the machine to protect the user. To eject the finished bale the operator uses a two-hand ejection system, standing safely next to the machine.

If you compact recyclable waste in a baler – like cardboard and soft plastic, you reduce your overall waste handling costs.

When you reduce the volume of your waste, you need less waste collections and rental of containers. You save space in your warehouse or stockroom, you improve internal logistics and make work flows more efficient.

Let all these benefits be yours – contact us today to hear how we can help you find a baler solution for your needs.

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