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We offer you high-quality recycling equipment for compaction of cardboard, paper, plastic and other recyclables. Safe in use and absolutely reliable machines. We are leading suppliers in the market with many years experience.

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What we aim for...

We want to offer the best and most competitive solutions for waste volume compaction in the business. How?

  • check Focus on 10 years Total Cost of Ownership
  • check Prove that we are the right choice over time
  • check Get under the skin of our customers and their needs

Together with us, our customers will recycle waste in a better, more efficient and much cheaper way.

About us

In the Bramidan Group we develop and produce machines for compaction of recyclable waste. We have a strong brand in the market with more than 40 years' experience and a wide global network.


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More about balers, cost savings and the environment

What is a cardboard baler?

Customers in many industries use our waste balers and compactors. In the retail industry, both horizontal and vertical cardboard balers are well-known machines for compaction of cardboard and plastic foil from weekly deliveries of goods. However, few customers in some industries still ask us; What is a cardboard baler? Our sales consultants are ready to explain the benefits of a plastic baler or cardboard baler – these machines compact various waste fractions into high-density bales. Such compact bales are easily picked up by your waste handling company and transported to recycling stations.

Whether you buy a baler to compact cardboard boxes or a compactor for huge amounts of plastic or other waste types, you can rely on Bramidan compaction machines. Our waste baler machines have a durable construction and they are designed with the highest levels of safety.

How to use a cardboard baler?

When you buy or rent a cardboard baler, we help you with installation and training of your staff. Depending on the specific type of waste baler you choose, your staff are instructed and guided how to use the cardboard baler.

We have different sizes of balers to compact various waste fractions and meet the individual needs for waste handling at our customers. For efficient waste handling we have developed several types of baler doors. You can choose between a standard door, a vertical door (model VD), a flap door (FD), semi-automatic door (SD) or a fully automatic door (AD).

When your baler has been installed, it is easy for your staff to fill waste into the chamber of the baler and start compaction. A full-light indicator tells when a bale is ready to be tied off. The operator ejects the finished bale with a safe two-handed operation. Finally, the high-density bale can be moved and stacked until collection. This is how easy it is to use a baler!

Cost-efficient waste balers and compactors

For more than 40 years, we have developed and produced machines for compaction of recyclable waste materials. We have listened to our customers and their needs for waste management and continued to develop our waste balers. Today, we are therefore able to offer our customers an intelligent monitoring system, BRA-IN, Bramidan Intelligence. A solution that makes our machines some of the most cost-efficient in the market and with the lowest TCO over 10 years.

All you need is a subscription and a BRA-IN modem installed in your cardboard baler or a BRA-IN Link in your plastic compactor. Then you get access to valuable data from your waste handling equipment, which will help you make faster and better decisions as well as reducing your overall costs.

Minimize the impact on the environment

When you sort and compact waste for recycling, you also make important steps to protect the environment. Compaction of recyclables in a cardboard or plastic baler as well as waste compactors minimizes the impact you have on the environment, while doing business. Waste compressed in a baler or compactor also takes up less space. This means less CO2 emissions during transport, which benefits the environment.

When choosing Bramidan as supplier and producer of your recycling equipment, you choose a company with a green profile. Bramidan has a modern factory with lean production, welding robots and an advanced technology within pretreatment and robot painting.

One of our Sustainable Development Goals was to develop a system to reuse the hydraulic oil of the baler. In this way we help to avoid that millions of litres of oil are disposed of each year. Instead, our oil cleaning system reuses the hydraulic oil in our waste baler machines.