FAQ's - In general

From our customers we hear some questions in general like these:

If you compact recyclable waste in a baler – like cardboard and soft plastic, you reduce your overall waste handling costs.

When you reduce the volume of your waste, you need less waste collections and rental of containers. You save space in your warehouse or stockroom, you improve internal logistics and make work flows more efficient.

Let all these benefits be yours – contact us today to hear how we can help you find a baler solution for your needs.

What type of waste handling equipment you need depends on different factors: How much waste you gather on a daily basis, but also the type and size of it. You also have to consider how much space you have for a waste solution.

This information, combined with your company’s structure and internal work processes, forms the basis for which tailored waste solution is the perfect fit for you and your company.
Our sales consultants can help you with the right decision.

We have been on the market for all most 50 years with more than 110.000 machines delivered all over the world.

We are one of the biggest suppliers of vertical balers and compactors in the industry with our own subsidiaries and nearly 50 distributors worldwide.

We are a Danish-based company. All vertical balers are designed and produced at our factory in Bramming, Denmark. They are shipped directly from our factory.

Our customers include a wide range of internationally well-known companies from all kinds of industries. You can see a selected list of our references here.

We offer a 12-month warranty period as standard on all machines for parts only. First 30 days are with extraordinary full warranty inclusive free labour.

Our prices are very competitive and the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) is low.

One of our sales consultants will perform a thorough analysis to determine the total costs of your current waste management solution. Based on this analysis, you can calculate your savings and yield from investing in a baler or waste handling solution from Bramidan.

Our standard quotation is all inclusive. This means that it includes transport, installation, and staff training on how to operate a machine. Start-up strap roles are also included. We also offer telephone support if you need any help.

We are a modern company that is order-producing, but we have a minimum stock of machines for delivery to our regular customers within 2-3 weeks. Contact your local distributor to hear the fastest delivery time.

We have our BRA-IN solution. A web portal for intelligent fleet monitoring based on data collected from a modem in your baler or compactor.

With BRA-IN you can:

• Get in control of your fleet of machines
• Receive a text message or email when a baler is full
• Advise your recycler directly about bales ready for collection or container to be emptied
• Tracking of the number of bales you produce over time
• Save time and money with remote service and troubleshooting
• Calculate on your Total Cost of Ownership

Full automatic waste solutions are available depending on your needs.

Please consult our sales team to hear more about automatic solutions.

Yes. The horizontal balers can be adapted to your specific needs. For this purpose, we consider your internal work flow, waste streams, types of waste, space available and preferred filling options.

We are always interested in finding the right waste handling solution for you. If any special machines or adjustments are needed, we will study the possibilities to adapt our product to this.

For inquiries regarding special machines, please consult with a member of our sales team for further discussion.

Usually your regular waste collector can handle the bales as well. Otherwise, we can connect you to a local recycler that may help you.

Contact your local recycler who may collect and buy your stored cardboard and plastic bales.

Our brochures and manuals are available in 45 different languages. If they are not available in your language, we will make a translation for you when we deliver the machine to you.