FAQ's - Installation & operation

We get these questions about installation and operation of our machines:

Your internal work processes, the waste flow in your company and the available data on your current waste handling will help determine the best place to install your machine. What’s important is that you place the baler so that you can sort and compact your waste at the waste source.

Our sales consultants can help you with finding the best location for your baler.

The baler should preferably be placed indoors. In some cases, it may also be placed outside under a roof, in regions where the general weather conditions are not too cold and rainy.

Be aware that consistently cold surroundings can affect the machine’s performance. If you want to place the baler in a place that is very cold, e.g. a freezer room, potential problems with machine performance can be rectified with a special hydraulic oil.

Please consult with our sales team if you want to place the machine outside or somewhere cold.

All our machines are treated with a high quality, anti-rust coating to strengthen and protect the surfaces and prevent flaky paint and rust.

No, our machines are very easy and simple to operate.

Just press a single button to start the automatic press cycle and walk away. Use the threaded spindle to open the lower hatch when the bale is finished. With our unique pre-load strapping system, tying the bale is also a very simple manoeuvre.

Bramidan balers are very safe to operate. The safety around our solutions meets the highest standard. Our machines comply with the highest European safety standard, EN16500.

All moving parts are placed inside the machine to protect the user. To eject the finished bale the operator uses a two-hand ejection system, standing safely next to the machine.

All our machines can be operated by everyone – also people under the age of 18 years. However, you must be 18 years or older to empty machines larger than our B3. Due to the built-in safety mechanisms, it only requires a short instruction before all employees can operate the machine safely.

A full chamber indicator blinks when the baler is full. It is a small orange light placed just under the start button. Furthermore, the press plate will stay down on the bale and prevent you from putting more waste into the baler when it is full.
You can also add a BRA-IN monitoring solution to your machine and be advised automatically when the baler is full. You receive an email or text message when a bale is ready to be tied off and ejected. With a BRA-IN solution your waste collector can be advised when the agreed number of bales are ready for pick-up.

Read more about the benefits of the Bramidan Intelligent Monitoring Solution, which we call BRA-IN.

Yes. All our vertical balers require manual tying. However, tying the bale is very easy with our unique tying system and only takes a few minutes.

Tying a cardboard bale or plastic bale is very easy with our special pre-load strapping system. The system means that you don’t have to go behind the machine and struggle to get strapping around the finished bale.

1. When the baler is empty, simply pull the strap along the grooves and tie them at the front of the chamber bottom with a loop.
2. Make a cardboard or plastic bale
3. Pull the straps from the back to the front, long enough to tie knots with the loops you made earlier.
4. A knife is mounted on the machine to easily cut the straps
5. Eject the bale and prepare for the next one.

Yes, both strapping and steel wires can be used to tie the bales. In our small machines, you can only use strapping.

We supply wire or strapping. We offer fast delivery to a place of your choice. Just call our sales department.

All our vertical balers require manual handling. Automatic bale tying is only available for our horizontal balers.

Number of bales produced per hour depends on the baler. You can produce 3-4 bales for small machines, but less than 2 bales per hour for the large ones.

The press cycles of our machines are very fast and range between 18 seconds to 51 seconds for the largest machines.

Our balers are extremely silent. They are equipped with advanced state of the art power packs, which make them the most silent balers in the market. In general, our balers make the same noise as a printer or regular face to face conversation. This means that they can easily be placed close to work spaces without affecting the working environment negatively.

All balers in our range of small footprint balers use a single-phase power supply for easy installation.

Our small model X10 is standard 3-phase but is also available in a single-phase power supply.

Yes, it can.

Please call our sales team to hear more about power supply possibilities.

We can modify power to match most requirements. In some cases, we can also turn 3 phase machines into single phase.

Let our sales team find a solution that meets your requirements.

If strap rolls are placed on the back of the machine, we can easily remount a new strap roll holder on top. This way, you can push the baler up against the wall.

We offer a digital auto lock for our machines. With such a lock, only you or the people you grant access can use the baler.

No, our balers are high quality machines, designed for minimum maintenance and low costs.

To keep the value of your equipment high and troubles away on the long term, we recommend a service agreement. We offer various service concepts – from a compulsory safety check once a year to a full-service agreement with all inclusive.

Learn more about our various service agreements here.

When we perform an oil change on your machine, we essentially clean the oil very thoroughly for microparticles before we re-add it to the machine. In this way, there is practically no waste oil as the oil is reused.

It might be possible, depending on the dimensions and max load of your elevator.

If planning transport in an elevator, please allow for extra space around the machine to account for packaging and wrapping. The baler is not delivered on a pallet as smart lifting groves are built into the machine. Let us examine this issue for you to get the job done successfully. When we transport our B-series balers it is possible to lower the external cylinders to make the machine as low as possible. However, this requires extra service hours.