FAQ's - Vertical balers

These are the questions frequently asked about our vertical balers:

A X10 baler baler is a machine that uses extreme force to compress loose waste material into a tight bundle, or bale.

You place your loose cardboard or soft plastic waste into the baler via the filling opening. Inside the machine, a strong press plate pushes the material downwards. Retainers in the chamber prevent the material from expanding and keep the waste material down when not under pressure. This makes the bale as compact and tight as possible.

You continuously place waste in the baler until you have accumulated enough compacted waste to make a bale. The bale is tied of manually by wire or plastic strapping. Bales come in different sizes and weights depending on the size of your baler.

A baler enables you to sort your waste directly at the source; and bales are easy to handle and take up little space. They also make transportation and waste disposal convenient and easy.

We offer a wide range of baler designs to choose from to suit your individual needs in terms of waste type, volume, size and ease of use.

Our specialists are ready to advise you on the type of baler that will best suit the needs of your business. Please contact a member of our team for further information.

There are different baler models available to tackle different kinds of waste streams – and you might be surprised about just how many types of waste that you can put in a suitable baler.

We supply balers to compact:

• Cardboard and paper
• Soft plastic and plastic packaging
• Plastic PET bottles
• Plastic trays and containers
• Aluminium and foil i.e. tins and cans
• Fibrous materials, e.g., cotton and wool
• Drums and barrels
• Expanded plastic (EPS)
• General production waste
• Shredded waste

Please ask our sales consultants about a baler solution for your specific waste streams.

What type of equipment you need depends on a number of factors: How much waste you (approx.) generate daily, what material it is, and the volume of the material. Next step is to find out how much space you have for a waste solution.

This information, combined with your company’s structure and internal work processes, forms the basis for which tailored waste solution is the perfect fit for you and your company.

Our dedicated team of specialists can help you with this decision.

B-series balers are suitable for compacting cardboard, paper and dry soft plastic. All B-series balers are characterised by a classic design with cylinders on top.

X-series balers are our heavy-duty line of machines that are suitable for numerous types of waste materials. These balers have a low overall height due to the cross cylinders, which makes installation simple and easy. Furthermore, our X-series balers have the lowest noise level in the market – an appreciable bonus for your employees and their working environment.

Our B-series balers can compact cardboard, paper, and dry soft plastic.

We always recommend that you consult with a member of our sales team before you start compacting other materials in the baler.

Our X-series balers can compact many different materials. Besides cardboard, paper, and dry soft plastic, they can also be used for big bags, plastic bottles (PET), expandable plastic, aluminium and tin cans.

Please contact our sales team before you compact other materials in your baler.

Yes. We offer balers with an automatic door solution.

The Automatic Door is a unique sliding door that closes and opens automatically after each press cycle. When you have finished filling your material into the chamber, you simply press the button to start the machine. The door closes automatically and re-opens after the press cycle is done.

In this way, the upper door stays open, constantly ready for more filling. This gives you a fast and rational waste filling without needing to manually open the door when you have your hands full.

Our Flap Door is specially developed for handling PET bottles.

The Flap Door works just like a chute for the bottles and makes it easy to throw bottles directly into the baler either separately or in full sacks.

We have different door solutions that do not open outwards. The Vertical Door for our B-series balers is manual and opens vertically upwards to give you more space around the baler – and free access to the chamber from both sides.

The Automatic Sliding Door for our X-series balers is fully automatic and opens vertically downwards. It stays open and is an excellent solution for quick and easy filling.

These door types are suitable if you need to place the baler in narrow places.

For cardboard and low density plastic, compaction ratios of up to 10:1 are realistic.

Yes, the B3 and B4 models are the right machines for that. We can set the machine to make small bales that are no heavier than 25-30 kg.

Our Large Size Balers - models B30 Wide, B50, X50 and B50 XL - produce bales that can reach 400 kilos depending on your waste material.

Our machines do not have a built-in scale. However, the bale size and bale weight do not fluctuate a lot and will typically always be the same.

Additionally, we offer our BRA-IN monitoring solution, where you can access the bale production of your baler and create reports for recycling compliance. That way you know how big and how many bales you produce every week or month.

Yes, we do, but other colours are special orders and will come at a higher cost.

The colour of our balers is a safety benefit. According to basic human bio psychology, yellow captures our attention more than any other colour. The yellow colour of our balers means that they are very easy to see in any type of working environment, which reduces the risk of accidents.

Our balers are generally very silent. They can be placed directly in the working environment without any negative affect.

The noise level of our B-series balers is very low. They never exceed 57-68 decibels – the equivalent of an air conditioning system or a vacuum cleaner.

However, for whisper low noise level, try our range of X-series balers. They have extra low noise level that never exceeds 59 decibels. The same as conversational speech.

The size and weight of the bale depends on waste type and the size of your baler.

Machines in our series of small footprint balers make bales that are easy to handle. Baler models B3 and B4 can even be set to make bales that are no heavier than 25-30 kg.

Bales from our small series weigh between 30-100 kg (for cardboard) and 40-130 kg (for plastic). Such bales can easily be removed from the baler with a trolley. Simply eject the bale onto the trolley and move it.

Bales made by machines in our range of Medium Sized Balers fit on a standard EUR pallet. They weigh between 200-350 kg (for cardboard bales) and 250-450 kg (for plastic bales), and you remove them with a pallet truck or fork lift.

Our Large Size Balers compact bales as heavy as 375-600 kg (cardboard) and 400-650 (plastic).
If you want to know the exact measurements of the bales, please check the machine specifications.