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3rd Anniversary of BRA-IN Fleet Monitoring Solution

15 May, 2019

Bramidan celebrates 3 years since the launch of our 24-hour fleet monitoring database, BRA-IN. A unique system for balers and compactors to optimize your waste handling and reduce operational costs.

Manage your equipment with BRA-IN monitoring

Since the launch of our BRA-IN fleet monitoring system in 2016, Bramidan has provided a single tool for our customers to manage their balers and compactors.

By using our uniquely designed database, fleet owners are able to view calculated quantities of garbage and recyclable waste generated in each of their machines. This allows them to make faster and better decisions while managing their entire fleet. As a result, they have reduced operational costs, increased efficiency, and optimized service.


Our BRA-IN web portal also allows you to view:

  • done Location of equipment - viewable on a map
  • done Status of machines - for optimized servicing
  • done Real-time fill levels - for route optimization
  • done Access to production data - on screen or via report


Any questions? Contact us.

  • stop Paul - mobile 086 261 7676
  • stop Jeff - mobile 086 917 2435
  • stop Ruth - mobile (01) 89 00 660
  • stop Sophie - mobile (01) 89 00 660

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