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2 ways to acquire your equipment

You can get your new equipment in two ways:

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1. Buy

You can choose to buy your equipment. No need to worry about monthly payment rates, interests, or administration fees.

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2. Rental

If you rent the costs are deductible operational costs, no immediate investment.

Choose between short or long-term rent dependent on your financial priority.

Finally, various options exist to extend or end the agreement.

Transparent and fair

We offer only fair and transparent rental agreements:

  • Flexible rental periods depending on your needs
  • Favourable service agreements can be added
  • Short term rentals available
  • Special rates can be offered for additional equipment

Bramidan Finance A/S

We offer all customers full rental agreement and financing through our own finance company, Bramidan Finance. Because we have our own financing company, you get more transparency as a customer. In addition, we offer reasonable, fair and individualized financing agreements.

Easy up or downgrades

Financing through our own finance company means that we can offer easy up or downgrades in equipment size if your initial machine or piece of equipment doesn’t quite fit your needs.

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