Women changing strapping on bale press and throwing paper waste into bin

Accessories and consumables for your balers

If you are in lack of strapping or steel wires for your balers, you are welcome to order here. We also offer recycling racks and sacks for sorting of waste.

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Woman changing strapping on baler


We offer different types of strapping for your baler. Look at the overview and find out which type fits your machine.

  • stop4 mm strapping
  • stop9 mm strapping
  • stop13 mm strapping
  • stop19 mm strapping
  • stop19 mm HD strapping


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Three recycling racks in a row

Recycling racks - for sorting waste

We have various types of recycling racks for sorting waste like soft plastic, Styrofoam, paper etc.:

  • stopBig rack (for sacks 400 L.)
  • stopLittle rack (for sacks 240 L.)
  • stopWall-mounted rack (for sacks 240 L.)
  • stopCorrosion-resistant rack (for sacks 240 L.)


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Women changing plastic sack roll

Plastic sacks

We supply plastic sacks in rolls for your recycling racks, bag press, and granulator:

  • stop240 L. - perforated sacks (small rack)
  • stop400 L. - perforated sacks (big rack)
  • stop450 L. - sacks (granulator)
  • stop110 L. - sacks (bag press)


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Tying of cardboard bale with steel wire

Steel wires for tying of Mill sized bales

Steel wires for tying of Mill sized bales are available in rolls or shortened in bundles. Choose type and roll size (kg) according to your needs and machine size.

  • stopShortened in bundles (Ø2,0 mm or 3,1 mm)
  • stopRolls, galvanized (Ø3,1 mm or 3,4 mm)


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Sign holder and wheels on recycling rack

Extras for your recycling rack

You can move around easily with your recycling rack, if you mount a pair of wheels on it. Also attach a small sign holder to tell, which type of waste should be put into the rack in question.

  • stopA pair of wheels
  • stopSign holder


Order wheels and sign holders here

More about strapping

If you are in doubt which type of strapping to choose, then have a look at this overview. Your choice of strapping depends on the waste fractions, you compact, and the machine you use. For the horizontal balers you should use steel wires.

Overview of different types of strapping and wires

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