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Not sure a baler is the right choice for you? We offer a free trial with installation. Use a baler to compact and dispose of empty packaging and other recyclable materials.

Time is an important factor for us. We now spend much less time on waste management.
M. Petersen, Seggelund Café
Bramidan customer in Denmark

Employee at Seggelund Restaurant fills cardboard into small footprint baler

The balers have helped us making our waste collection much more efficient.
M. Fontaine, Cosmeva
Bramidan customer in France

Cosmeva employee in hygienic working clothes fills waste into Bramidan baler

We have a strong baler to compress our plastic film waste, which otherwise took up a lot of space.
Verpa - Bramidan customer in Poland

Man puts plastic waste into chamber of Bramidan baler

Request a FREE* trial today

*The only expense is return freight, if any.

Why should you try a baler?

There are several good reasons for installing a baler to compact your waste:

  • Test the machine before you buy it
  • Minimize down time and optimize waste management
  • Easy-to-use machines and a clean work space
  • Lower costs for container rental and pick-ups
  • Evaluate the solution and size of the machine in your facility

How to get your equipment:

We offer the option to rent, lease, or buy one of our balers.
If you're unsure, you can try our baler for free before making the final decision.

Icon illustration free trial

1. Free trial

If in doubt, you can start a free baler trial.

  • stop Free start up and operation training.
  • stop The only expense is return freight, if any.
Icon illustrating how to finance a baler

2. Rent or Finance

We offer the option to rent or lease a machine.

  • stop Your rental cost is a deductible operating cost. No immediate investment.
  • stop Choose between short or long term rental or lease, depending on your financial priorities.
  • stop At the end of the rental or lease, various options exist for extending or buying out the agreement.
Icon illustrating how to buy a baler

3. Buy

Or you can purchase the machine out right.

  • stop You own the machine - no need to worry about monthly rates, interest or fees.

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