Man fills in cardboard box in brand new X30 baler from Bramidan. Old rusty baler in need for an upgrade

Trade in and upgrade your old baler now - for less than you expect!

Although your current baler may still be working, it would be worthwhile to consider an upgrade to a new Bramidan baler. Our balers have integrated state of the art technology. They comply with the highest European safety standards - and still give you the best value for your waste compaction. Get a new baler for less than you expect!

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Trade in now and get:

  • done Financial benefits
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  • done Improved safety
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Replace your Teeny Greeny or other old balers

Your Bramidan baler holds its value for the long haul – that is why you may be able to trade up your baler for a new Bramidan machine that could have lower or similar monthly payments. If you have a Teeny Greeny, called 2-0 G, or other old models like 4K, B16 or 4-X30, you may trade in for a new and updated baler for cardboard and plastic waste.

Go for the benefits

- of your daily waste compaction

For nearly 50 years, Bramidan has been designing balers while staying attuned to the customer’s needs. Today, we are still offering balers featuring state-of-art technology - our BRA-IN Intelligence -, with the highest safety and best value.

financial benefits

We offer you special financiel agreement.

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Updated technology

- and remote controlled assistance, saving service costs.

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working environment

Get better working environment for your employees and your SR-branding.

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Improved safety

Our balers comply with the highest safety standards.

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Irresistible and valuable updates of your bailing machine

- we developed all these features for the benefit of our customers

Bramidan balers are well-known as stable and long-life baler machines. This may be the reason for the old baler in your factory or storage room that is still working and compacting your recyclables every day. But in our factory and development department we did not rest on our laurels. We continue to develop our vertical balers to meet the needs and requirements of our customers. Just to mention a few:

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Our balers are designed safe in use

All Bramidan balers comply with the higest European safety standards. This means a better working environment for your employees and a top score in your CSR-profile.

Cost-saving technology

Our BRA-IN Intelligence is a technology that helps you connect, monitor and analyse your vertical balers. At the same time you reduce costs of operation and minimize your impact on the environment.

Strong and durable surface with powder coating

At our factory we invested in a plant for pre-treatment and robot powder coating. In a much more environmentally friendly process, we now produce balers with a much stronger coated surface.

Choose the right door type

We offer balers with various door types. Each type with its own benefits, for optimized internal logistics and efficient work flow. Find the right baler door type for your needs.

Looking for a small, up-to-date baler?

Small footprint balers B3 and B4 are developed to be easily placed, if you are in lack of space for your waste handling. They compact both cardboard and plastic into small, easy-to-handle bales.

X-series balers for heavy duty compaction

Do you want high-density bales? Compact your waste in balers from our X-series. They have a strong and durable construction with cross cylinders.

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... and we offer you balers with the lowest noise levels

For the good working environment of your employees!

Trade in your old baler now!


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