News from Bramidan

Genz Meat employer next to liquid-tight compactor from Bramidan

Liquid-tight compactor with PIN code lock

17/06/2020 Genz Meat A/S had a compactor installed for waste with residuals. A PIN lock ensures restricted access for chosen operators. Read more

Meal boxes are packed with balers placed along the production line.

Easy – Delivery right at your door step

27/03/2020 Meal boxes have become a hit, with many people mostly staying at home during Covid-19. That's why RetNemt's packaging line is busy - and 4 balers help compress paperboard waste. Read more

We still produce at full capacity during Covid-19

19/03/2020 At Acme Systems we continue to supply services and machines to our customers under the changing conditions of Covid-19. Read more

Advanced robots paint balers

27/01/2020 Bramidan has invested 3.3 mio. Euro in new technology. This includes advanced painting robots that are programmed through a Virtual Reality interface. Read more

Shop Manager Niall and Sales Manager Paul in front of Eurospar store in Kinsealy

Eurospar in Kinsealy benefits from Bramidan baler

29/11/2019 Since the installation of a Bramidan balepress, are our wastestreams of cardboard and plastic well care for says Shop Manager Niall. Read more

A vertical or horizontal baler for cardboard waste

5 reasons for choosing a vertical or horizontal baler for cardboard waste

19/11/2019 The more waste, the greater the cost of disposal and the more space required for storage. Reduce costs and time spent with a vertical or horizontal baler for cardboard waste. Read more

X40 Wide with low profile

08/08/2019 Compact cardboard, plastic and other recyclables in a strong X40 Wide baler. Low height but capable of min. 400 kgs heavy bales. Read more

Baler Monitoring solution from BramidanUS with pointer on screen

Benefit from our BRA-IN Fleet Monitoring Solution

02/08/2019 3 years ago we launched our 24-hour fleet monitoring system Read more

Strong X30 LP baler with low profile

30/07/2019 Our baler X30 LP helps you compact waste even where ceilings are low. Try our low-profile baler. Read more

Maserati compacts waste from car components

22/07/2019 With four Bramidan balers in place, the Italian car manufacturer has cleaned up its factory floor and improved waste management handling. Read more

Danish Café trials B4 cardboard baler

19/07/2019 Café Drudenfuss has the new small B4 baler on trial for their cardboard waste. Read more

Balers improve hospitality at luxury hotels

25/01/2018 Rather than handling waste, staff can concentrate on ensuring top-notch hospitality. Read more