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Distribution center with many cardboard boxes for sorting

Vertical or horizontal baler for distribution centers?

30/11/2022 Such compaction equipment in distribution centers proves to be invaluable when it comes to streamlining logistics processes and reducing costs for waste management. Read more

Waste baler placed at the production line for waste compaction at source

How to handle post-production waste?

22/11/2022 Production companies generate various waste fractions every day. With vertical balers, the waste management in your company can be more effective and less expensive! Read more

PC24 Galvanized baler with yellow plastic bottles bale infront

Balers for plastic waste: what is worth knowing?

07/11/2022 Check what plastic waste you can compact in Bramidan balers. Read more

Recycle your waste and reduce CO2 emmisions

14/09/2022 Use compaction equipment like balers for your recyclable materials. Read more

Can you really buy a cardboard baler with a payback time of just one year?

01/09/2022 Yes you can! Do like the Danish car manufacturer Gardia. They had a thorough look at their waste handling, resulting in a baler installation. This reduces container pickups from 8 to 1, and saves 1-2 man-hours every day. Read more

How to deal with waste in the printing and advertising industry?

02/02/2022 When you have to deal with huge amounts of paper waste and other post-production waste, you may consider a baler solution. Read more

Balers for the gastronomic sector

04/01/2022 The restaurant and catering industry produces large amounts of waste. Find out how to handle such fractions and why you should choose reliable balers for your waste compaction. Read more

Service Technician – Cork & Dublin

29/11/2021 Do you want to work with repairing balers and compactors? Do you understand electricity and automation? And will you take part in creating great customer experiences? As an outbound Service Technician at Acme Systems you spend most of the time on repair. Read more

Horizontal channel balers and B5 Wide vertical balers from Bramidan

Horizontal vs vertical balers - what to choose?

12/11/2021 Many companies face challenges in handling their waste. The solution can be a horizontal or vertical baler. Read more about the differences between these two types of machines. Read more

Bramidan Group gets a new CEO

12/10/2021 On 15 November 2021, Henrik Helsinghof will take over as the new CEO of Bramidan Group. He brings 15 years of national and international experience to Bramidan A/S from Viking Life Saving Equipment and Skiold Landmeco. Read more

Is a waste baler safe in use for employees?

29/09/2021 Is a waste baler a safe machine to use with no risk of injuries to the operator? Which safety standards should the machine meet and what does this mean in practice? Read more

Vådt og organisk affald og affald med væskerester

How do you compact waste with liquid residues and organic waste?

15/09/2021 Waste with liquid residues or wet waste fractions often require special equipment for disposal. Galvanized balers and mobile compactors are perfect for this purpose. Read more

Small or large balers - what will work in your company?

07/05/2021 Read more about what you should consider when looking for the right size of baler for your waste compaction. Read more

Before you invest in a baler - test it for FREE in your company!

23/04/2021 If you are in doubt if is worth investing in a baler, you should consider a FREE baler trial. You will find out if the baler is the right one for your waste volumes and how your employees become more efficient in their daily waste handling. Read more

Zefyr Invest focuses on sustainability with the acquisition of Bramidan

18/01/2021 Behind the acquisition are a number of solid local families who participate in the investment collaboration Zefyr Invest, as well as Bramidan’s senior employees. Read more

Small baler compacts cut-off from filtering masks

05/11/2020 A small B4 baler replaced the use of an industrial vacuum cleaner, which was used to remove air from plastic waste. Cut-off from filtering masks are now compacted into handy bales. Read more

Waste container is placed in the galvanized tipping system from Bramidan

Galvanized tipping system helps you lifting waste containers

26/10/2020 Do you need a tipping system with a resistant surface? For challenging or wet environments, we recommend our galvanized tipping system. Read more

Bramidan factory plant with robot powder coating

Powder coating robots facilitate faster production of balers

08/10/2020 Investment in per-treatment and robot powder coating plant at Bramidan factory saves time in the production. At the same time a much more environmentally friendly solution than wet painting. Read more

Big bags compacted into bales and stacked on pallets

Compact big bags in a baler

07/10/2020 Big bags are the ideal solution for transporting and temporarily storing loose goods. Save space by compacting empty big bags. Read more

Balers for limited space

Limited space? Check where to place a baler.

20/08/2020 If you have limited space for waste handling, you may find it difficult to find the necessary compaction equipment. Let us show you how a baler can work in in the limited available space! Read more

Emty alu-cans in a big pile

Compaction of 4 unusual types of waste

06/08/2020 Often balers and compactors are used for cardboard and plastic. If you need to compact other waste types, have a look here. Read more

Cardboard bale in front of Bramidan's new baler model X40 Wide

Do big cardboard boxes pile up in your company?

30/07/2020 You should consider investing in a baler with a wide filling opening, if your employees are handling lots of bulky waste. Read about the advantages of wide feed openings. Read more

Retail store with tomatoes in a shopping cart

Reduce waste volumes in retail stores with compact designed balers

15/07/2020 Companies in the retail sector face many challenges every day. One of them is the efficient management of various types of waste: cardboard, foil or paper. Do you face the same problem? Read more

Baler door type significantly affects the comfort and efficiency of the baler

Door type of your baler - any preferences?

01/07/2020 Is your baler door type a question of personal preferences? Or is it worth while comparing various door types to find one for your company needs? Read more

Genz Meat employer next to liquid-tight compactor from Bramidan

Liquid-tight compactor with PIN code lock

17/06/2020 Genz Meat A/S had a compactor installed for waste with residuals. A PIN lock ensures restricted access for chosen operators. Read more

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