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Model PSR10

Small but efficient mobile compactor for wet waste. It is watertight and therefore ideal for organic waste.

Highlights and product features

Requires little space

For small and medium wet waste volumens or if space is limited, the PSR10 is a good choice. A power supply is all you need.

Process various waste types

Waste containing moist, like fruit and vegetables, wet waste and similar, can be efficiently compacted in the watertight and mobile compactor PSR10.

PSR10 - small mobile compactor for organic waste:

  • stop Small design - requires little space
  • stop Size: 10 m3
  • stop For many types of moist and wet waste
  • stop Intelligent control unit ensures constant optimal machine performance.

BRA-IN Control Unit provides optimal use

All new machines come standard with BRA-IN control and communication unit. It ensures you minimal downtime and makes the best use of your compactor's capacity. This is done with the lowest possible energy consumption. You can set up for automatic pick-ups depending on fill levels and service remote support, and at the same time you get access to our BRA-IN web portal.


Less Power Consumption


More Waste per Load


Saved Transports*

*All numbers are based on actual cases. Own conditions apply and SIM subscription is required.

Details and benefits

Little space requirement

Is the space limited but the wish for an efficient waste handling present, the mobile compactor PSR10 is the right choice.

Small grey compactor standing outside next to white car

Normal filling area

Eventhough the PSR10 is just a smaller version of our model PHR20 F, it´s still comes with the same size filling opening, for easy waste handling.

Green compactor placed outside with green trees and houses in the background

Self-cleaning system

In the PSR10 the waste is processed in a closed chamber which is separate from the technic area. Due to a self-cleaning pendulum pressing plate, the need for cleaning is at a minimum.

Pendulum press plate on a compactor

Watertight - for organic waste

The PSR10 is equipped with sealing around the emptying door and a closed filling chamber, giving you a watertight solution. You can move it from the place where it has been operated  with no leaking liquids.

Organic waste

Logos and free choice of colours

The round shaped container is the ideel space to put your company name or advertisement. You may also choose between a wide range of RAL colours.

Orange comtactor placed outside

Questions asked about mobile compactors

A waste compactor, is, as the name suggests, a machine that compacts waste. They are large and heavy-duty machines that can take mixed waste in large quantities – several tons at a time – and compress them into a smaller and more contained amounts.

The compactor consists of a press unit and a container unit. The press unit compacts the waste horizontally into the container. When the compactor is full, it is picked up by a waste collector. Depending on the material, it is then transported to a recycling station or an incineration facility.

Compactors are available in a range of sizes and varieties depending on the type of material and the amount and volume of waste the machine will be processing.

With a mobile compactor, structural changes to the site are not necessary. You simply connect the system to the local power supply and it is ready to use.

This makes the mobile compactor a flexible solution that can be integrated into any environment – even for a limited time period.

A compactor is very safe to operate. All our compactors are thoroughly tested to ensure that they meet the highest safety standards. Furthermore, all mechanical and electrical parts are placed inside the machine –out of reach for users. The control panel is placed on the outside of the machine and gives the user easy access to start the machine. An emergency stop is also placed on the control panel within fast and easy reach.

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