How does the horizontal CC baler work?

Efficient work flow with continous filling of waste

  1. Fill your plastic or cardboard waste into the hopper.
  2. An automatic light barrier starts the pressing cycle.
  3. Bales are tied automatically and pushed out of the channel.
  4. Remove the finished bales with a pallet jack.

Models in this range


Small but effective horizontal baler. Used for compacting cardboard, paper and plastic foil.

  • stop Automatic tie of bales
  • stop Requires only small space
  • stop Low noise level

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Green horizontal balepress on concrete floor


The most compact design for a horizontal baler. Used for compacting cardboard, paper and plastic foil into high density bales.

  • stop Takes up a minimum of space
  • stop Continues feeding
  • stop Flexible output

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Grey horizontal balepress with cardboard boxes in front and stacked up pallets to the left side


Fully automatic baler with high capacity. For compacting high volumes of recyclables and making stackable bales.

  • stop Numerable loading options
  • stop Large filling opening
  • stop Simple operation

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Grey horizontal balepress making a long cardboard bale

The Horizontal baler CC is safe and easy to operate

Our equipment has the highest level of safety
Don't settle with less!

Women pulling the emergency stop wire

Save money - update old equipment with new technology

With a BRA-IN™ Link from Bramidan you can access your equipment, new and old. This means major savings in service and transport. Please note that this requires an annual subscription with a SIM card, which is purchased separately or included in your service package.

  • stopGPS localization, incl. battery backup.
  • stopAutomatic pickup based on fill rate.
  • stopMachine failure / service warning via email notifications.
  • stopDifferentiated full message depending on the day of the week.
  • stopIntelligent control unit ensures optimal filling.

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Buy or rent?

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  2. Rent - for a time-limited period.
  3. Rent - with buy-back option.

You can always combine with service packages for easy administration.

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Service & maintenance

The right level of service is key to low operating cost over time.

We recommend that you make a service agreement to protect your investment. Contact us, we offer several service packages.

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Order supplies

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We offer various accessories to ease your daily waste handling. See various options and make your choice.

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Who uses our horizontal balers?

Many types of customers use our horizontal channel balers for waste compaction:

They benefit from a Bramidan solution

Woman fills crisps bags on shelves at grocery store

Retail Stores

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Cardboard boxes stacked on shelves in the warehouse

Distribution & Warehouse

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Cardboard boxes on assembly line with yellow baler in the background

Industry & Manufacturing

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Large yellow forklift lifts cardboard bales

Waste Handling Companies

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Questions asked about horizontal channel balers

A horizontal baler can be used to compress soft materials such as cardboard, paper, and shredded PET.

It is very easy to operate, but training in correct use of the machine is necessary. We recommend appointing one employee as ‘super user’. The ‘super user’ can train other employees and supervise their use of the machine to avoid accidents and machine malfunction. The ‘super user’ should also be trained in and be responsible for maintenance and light machine repairs.

We offer a variety of filling options for our horizontal balers depending on your needs, like filling from both sides, from the back, and from the top. Both manual filling and automatic filling is possible.

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