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Danish Café trials B4 cardboard baler

19 july 2019

Café Drudenfuss has the new small B4 baler on trial for their cardboard waste.

In the Danish city of Aarhus, Café Drudenfuss is currently testing the new B4 cardboard baler for free. The café is interested in investing in a baler but needed to test if the B4 model is the right match.

The B4 is suitable for smaller cafés that receive fresh goods daily but who are often challenged on space and access to a bale press in a tight city backyard.

A small bale press for a special need

The café has two localities on either side of the road. The localities share the bale press and staff from both localities should have easy access to it. Therefore, the solution must fit in the backyard behind one of the localities – but without being in the way of the other residents in the building.

Measuring just 1,98 metres in height and 0,7 square metres, the B4 cardboard press easily fits in the small backyard.

Free trial

With Bramidan’s free trial it is possible to test a baler for a period free of charge. This enables smaller companies such as Café Drudenfuss to test if a cardboard press match their needs without any financial liability.

If you are interested in testing one of our balers for free, contact us today. Our consultants help you find the right bale press for your need and help you with the initial start-up and instruction to ensure that you get the best possible experience.

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Girl in kitchen of Cafe Drudenfuss

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