Liquid-tight compactor with PIN code lock

17 june 2020

Genz Meat A/S had a compactor installed for waste with residuals. A PIN lock ensures restricted access for chosen operators.

Genz Meat A/S is located in the heart of Copenhagen. More precisely called the Meat District, where 35 skilled workers ensure on a daily basis that top-quality meat is distributed to canteens, large kitchens and restaurants throughout Denmark.

The area surrounding the Meat District is a popular location, with businessmen and young people from the surrounding bars, but also a lot of homeless people who had the opportunity with the old waste solution to look for meat scraps in the compactor.

In order to monitor the use of the compactor, Genz Kød A/S has invested in a model PHR20 liquid-tight compactor from Bramidan, which is equipped with a PIN code lock.

Genz Meat employer next to liquid-tight compactor from Bramidan

PIN code for selected users of the compactor

The waste solution is shared with 4 other businesses, and the compactor therefore has numerous operators at different times of the day. With the PIN code function, Genz Kød A/S avoids having to deal with keys and ensures at the same time that the machine can only be used by a trained operator.

The compactor is also equipped with a hydraulic filling opening which can only be opened by activating the PIN code lock.

Liquid-tight compactor for plastic waste with residuals

The manufacturing process at Genz Kød A/S generates plastic packaging from production which can contain surplus blood and liquid. The packaging is thrown in the compactor and the area surrounding the waste solution therefore appears less inviting at times.

"We have increased our focus on waste handling and improved logistics. This means that the area surrounding the new liquid-tight compactor is now neat and tidy", says Pia Ritter, Genz Kød A/S.

If you also need an efficient waste handling solution for your plastic and cardboard waste, please contact us. Our sales consultants are ready by the phone, from their home working place.

Employee throws waste into compactor. Pin code lock on a liquid-tight compactor

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