Details and benefits

Two-shaft rotors

Polystyrene plates or boxes are efficiently granulated by the two-shaft rotors.

Two shaft rotors on a granulator

Easy access to change the bag

When the plastic bag is full with granulated material, you can easily exchange it with a new bag.

Changing a plastic bag on a granulator

Adjust the capacity with various screen sizes

The capacity can be adjusted to meet individual needs, using different screen sizes.

Full plastic bags with granulated EPS inside machine

Questions asked about the EPS Granulator

As a rule of thumb, you can granulate all types of polystyrene that you can break with your hands.

For polystyrene products that are more heavily compressed, e.g., insulating plates containing fire-retardant additives, XPS, or damp EPS, you must use a screw compactor.

The granulator can handle even very large pieces of EPS without you need to break them down first. The filling screen measures 548 x 552 mm.

The machine is fitted with a crusher. The crusher contains two shaft rotors. These rotate in high speed and in opposite directions and thereby efficiently cut the material into granulates.

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