How does the mobile compactor PHR-PSR work?

  1. Fill your waste into the feeding opening.
  2. A pendulum pressing plate compacts your waste material.
  3. Full signal is shown when the compactor is full.
  4. Your waste collector picks up the entire unit.
  5. The empty mobile compactor is returned to its place.

Models in this range


Roll on / roll off container
16-20 m3 volume

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White compactor placed outside next to trees


Roll on / roll off container
8-10 m3 volume

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Small grey compactor standing outside next to tipping system

Model PHR20 F

Self-cleaning compactor for wet waste - flexible for ground or ramp level. Full sealing prevents leakage.

  • stopSelfcleaning pendulum type
  • stopVolume 20m3
  • stopFor organic and wet waste

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Model PSR10

Small but efficient self-cleaning compactor for wet waste.

  • stopSelfcleaning pendulum type
  • stopFootprint 4,3 m x 2,0 m
  • stopFor organic and wet waste

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BRA-IN Control Unit provides optimal use

All new machines come standard with BRA-IN control and communication unit. It ensures you minimal downtime and makes the best use of your compactor's capacity. This is done with the lowest possible energy consumption. You can set up for automatic pick-ups depending on fill levels and service remote support, and at the same time you get access to our BRA-IN web portal.


Less Power Consumption


More Waste per Load


Saved Transports*

*All numbers are based on actual cases, own conditions apply and SIM subscription required

The Mobile Compactor PHR-PSR is safe and easy to operate

Our equipment has the highest level of safety
Don't settle with less!

Optional Extras

Feed your outside compactor directly from inside

Dispose your waste and recyclable materials directly into your compactor with a wall hopper. You don’t have to walk outside the building.

Two grey Bramidan compactor with wallmounted hopper

Integrate a bin tipping system to your compactor

Empty almost any type of bin or waste container directly into your waste compactor with a portable or integrated tipping system. Flexible for most bin sizes.

Grey compactor where bin is emptied with tipping system into it

Ensure perfect container positioning with guiding rails

Use guiding rails to make sure that the container is positioned precisely on the press unit after emptying and reduce risk of malfunction.

End of grey compactor container, positioned precisely with guiding rails

Weighing system controls compactor use and loading

Ensure correct billing per user if different people use your compactor. With a weighing system, all waste is weighed and registered for individual billing.

Compactor with weighing system standing in basement

Add ozone to minimize compactor odour and bacteria

Control obnoxious gasses and bacterial growth in your compactor with an ozone generator. The environmentally friendly system oxidizes all types of organic compounds in the compactor.

Ozone generator mounted on white compactor

Buy or rent?

  1. Buy - you own it.
  2. Rent - for a time-limited period.
  3. Rent - with buy-back option.

You can always combine with service packages for easy administration.

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Service & maintenance

The right level of service is key to low operating cost over time.

We recommend that you make a service agreement to protect your investment. Contact us, we offer several service packages.

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Who uses our mobile compactors?

Many types of customers use our mobile compactors for waste handling:

Woman fills crisps bags on shelves at grocery store

Retail Stores

Female employee carrying boxes between shelves with kitchen appliances

Webshop – Own Distribution

Cardboard boxes stacked on shelves in the warehouse

Distribution & Warehouse

Cardboard boxes on assembly line with yellow baler in the background

Industry & Manufacturing

People are queuing up to order food in a fast food restaurant

Fast Food Chains

Man loads cardboard boxes of trailer over into compactor

Recycling Stations

Large yellow forklift lifts cardboard bales

Waste Handling Companies

Children sit at school desks writing

Public Sector

Questions asked about mobile compactors

Yes, we offer special mobile compactors for organic waste, e.g., waste from foods. Organic waste can leave obnoxious smells or leak through the door.

Our PHR and PSR mobile compactors are specially designed to compact organic, moist, or commercial waste that is similar to household waste.

The press plate in these compactors is self-cleaning to counter smells and the door is sealed to prevent splashing and leaking.

Installing a mobile compactor requires no structural or site adaptions before installation and there are minimal requirements for the foundation. All it takes before use are the necessary electrical connections. Just plug it in and it is ready for use.

There is no simple answer to this question. Compactors are designed to handle large amounts of waste, but there might be other reasons to choose a compactor solution as well.

When we make an evaluation for you to determine your need for a compactor we consider the size of your company, your internal work structures and processes, waste handling procedures, your work flow, the time you spend handling waste, and your current solution.

All these data help us determine the best solution for you to save time and money on your waste handling.

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