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Balers for plastic waste: what is worth knowing?

07 NOVEMBER 2022

Warehouses, retail, production plants - what do they have in common? They all generate huge amounts of plastic waste; their storage and disposal can cause significant inconvenience and a considerable cost for the company. Improve your business and optimize costs by using machines to compact your plastic waste.

Bramidan Baler PC24 and bale of compacted yellow bottles

Reduce the costs of processing plastic waste

According to the report prepared by Eurostat in 2014, the annual amount of plastic waste generated by households and economic activities in the European Union countries, amounted to as much as 2,503 million tonnes. The construction sector has the largest share, followed by mining, quarrying, and also production. What do these statistics look like for specific companies? The "New Plastics Economy Global Commitment" report by Ellen MacArthur Foundation shows that Coca-Cola produces annually about 3 million tons of plastic packaging waste, and Nestlé - more than 1.5 million tons.

However, regardless of the industry and sector, companies produce huge amounts of plastic waste and managing it is quite a challenge. Unoptimized management of plastic waste has a negative impact on not only the natural environment, but also directly affects the bottom line of many companies.

Does your company produce large amounts of waste from foil, plastic packaging or PET bottles? Is this stacking up in your warehouse, hall or back room, making it difficult for employees to work and take up space unnecessarily? Does the transport and disposal of these waste fractions cause considerable costs in your company? With a baler for plastic you can avoid all of these problems.

Plastic baler = reduction of waste volume up to 90%

A correctly chosen baler for foil and other plastics can reduce the volume of waste by up to 90%. By equipping your company with such a machine, you can reduce the waste of valuable workspace, optimize the time your employees spend on disposal and reduce waste management costs.

It is also worth to notice the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of Bramidan balers for plastic waste. This strategy makes the operation of Bramidan machines as low as possible and thus profitable. Equipped with the intelligent monitoring system called BRA-IN, it is much easier to budget the operating costs of your waste compation equipment.

Bramidan Baler PC24 HD and man putting yellow plastic bottles into the baler

Baler PC24 HD

Load the baler with waste such as plastic bottles

Bramidan baler X25 AD automatic door and man handling plastic waste

Baler X25 AD (X series)

Place the waste in the chamber

Woman pulls bale of soft plastic away from Bramidan Baler B30

Baler B30 (B series)

Transport the bale and store until picked up

What kind of plastic waste do you compact in your baler?

Balers allow you to compact many different types of plastic waste - not only soft plastic (LDPE), but also hard plastic (HDPE), PET bottles, Big-Bags and even plastic drums.

Soft plastic - waste

Soft plastic - waste

Soft plastic - bale

Soft plastic - bale

PET bottles - waste

PET bottles - waste

PET bottles - bale

PET bottles - bale

Plastic cans - waste

Plastic cans - waste

Plastic cans - bale

Plastic cans - bale

Plastic barrels - waste

Plastic barrels - waste

Plastic barrels - bale

Plastic barrels - bale

PCV - waste

PCV - waste

PCV - bale

PCV - bale

Big bags - waste

Big bags - waste

Big bags - bale

Big bags - bale

1. Baler for foil (LDPE)

Plastic foil is one of the most common types of plastics. This waste is present in almost all industrial, commercial and service sectors. It is often used to secure goods on pallets. It is a valuable and expensive secondary raw material. Its purchase price depends mainly on the purity of the waste and the quality of sorting.

If the foil is a waste fraction generated by your company, a baler for plastic is the optimal solution, which is also suitable for compacting cardboard or paper - because our machines are universal.

Depending on the amount of generated waste and individual needs, such as the weight of a bale, you can choose a baler that will provide a high compression ratio. We offer a wide range of plactic balers ...

2. Baler for PET bottles and plastic containers

The disposal of PET bottles and plastic containers is one of the more serious problems faced by the food industry (but not only).

Due to their dimensions, plastic containers should be compacted in balers with a suitably large feed opening and high pressing force.

The PC24 HD model and the X-series balers are will help you.

Before compacting PET bottles, their lids should be unscrewed or punctured. Otherwise, the air inside will make compacting difficult. To increase the stability of the bale, place a cardboard cover at the bottom and on top of the bale.

3. Baler for hard plastics (HDPE)

PVC is a type of plastic found in computers and TVs, and various accessories. To compact this type of material, you need a baler with high pressing force and a very tough and durable construction. For this type of waste, we recommend our largest balers from the X series (with crossed cylinder).

4. Automated machines for large amounts of waste

With large amounts of plastic waste, horizontal balers are a great solution. They ensure high efficiency and continuous operation. A large feed opening and automated work make waste management in the company well organized.

All machines meet strict safety standards and their operation is safe for the operator.

Check how the machines for compacting plastic work

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