compact waste in a baling machine

Save time and money with a baling machine

Streamline your waste management and optimize your business. Installation of baling machines to compact plastic waste, cardboard boxes, and other recyclables will improve your internal workflow. Our consultants can guide you and help you save valuable resources, time and money.

Factory Cosmeva with Bramidan baler next to assembly line


  • stop Too high costs for container rental and collections
  • stop Employees spend too much time on waste handling
  • stop Loads of plastic and cardboard waste take up space


  • done Increase efficiency of your waste handling
  • done Turn your recyclables into cash
  • done Free up space
  • done Implement green business practices

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Compact plastic and cardboard waste in a baling machine

- save costs and optimize your internal logistics


All loose-packed cartons take up too much space both in the warehouse and in the containers. The method of collecting waste causes not only a mess at the workplace, but also may cause problems in the coordination and time spent on forklifts transports. Storage of waste in loose form is not only a fire risk, but also risk of accidents at work, e.g. as a result of a fall. Compaction of cardboard and plastic fractions at the waste source provides safer working conditions and reduces health risks.

Cost reduction and additional income

Using a baling machine to compact waste into bales ready-to-pick-up, will give you revenues from the sale of recyclable materials. When working with cardboard in a baling machine, you can quickly get rid of overfilled containers, because the material is compacted and takes up less space. By reducing the amount of containers for loose waste, your company can save a lot.

Better internal logistics for your waste handling

It's hard to disagree with the statement that "Time is money." Managing loose waste requires more time and efforts. It takes employees a lot of time to assemble and cut cardboard boxes. Plastic waste can be huge in volume and difficult to handle.

Effective waste management means real time savings and a chance for the employee to focus on their main tasks assigned to the workplace. You can install baling machines along your production line, where your staff can fill the waste directly into the baling machine. This way you streamline your waste flow and limit internal transport, as well as increase the work efficiency of your employees.

Women fills cardboard boxes into a small baling machine from Bramidan

B4 small baling machine

Very low noise level and automatic ejection of bale.

Women filling plastic waste into Bramidan X10 baling machine

X10 baling machine

Easy and safe to operate. A small baler for plastic and cardboard waste.

Man pulls plasic bale from Bramidan baling machine

X30 strong baling machine

High density bales and a fast cycle time.

Why invest in our baling machine?

We offer you valuable advantages for your waste compaction and state of the art technology

  • stop Earn money on your recyclables.
  • stop Reduce the volume of your waste. Get more free space in your stock room, warehouse, or factory plant.
  • stop With a full service agreement we offer you transparent operating costs.
  • stop A work space that is safe and free of loose plastic and cardboard waste.
  • stop Less costs in connection with the disposal of used packaging.
  • stop Use our BRA-IN data management to monitor and analyze data from your baling machines.
  • stop Lowest total cost of ownership (TCO) over 10 years. We want the cost of using our machines to be the lowest in the market over 10 years.

FREE trial of a baling machine

You can have a free baler trial to test our reliable balers and see if it is a good fit for you and your business.

We provide delivery, installation, and training in the use of the machine.

Customer Reviews

See what our customers have to say about us. Thousands of customers around the world have used a Bramidan baling machine to handle their waste management needs. A high density baling machine can turn high volume cardboard boxes into compact manageable bales.


Service and consumables

We guarantee our baling machines are the right choice for your needs. We also offer a reliable nationwide service network and consumables for your machine.

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