FAQ's - Other recycling equipment

These questions are frequently asked about our other recycling equipment.

Many people are not aware that polystyrene is recyclable. But it actually is very easy to recycle.

High density compressed polystyrene is easy to process into new plastic or foam products. Polystyrene is reused in almost every plastic product imaginable, from mobile phones, speakers, TVs, and toys. Reusing polystyrene is much cheaper – and more environmentally friendly – than producing new plastic.

This means that polystyrene is a very sought-after commodity that is very popular in e.g. China where a lot of plastic is needed for production.

An EPS granulator divides the polystyrene into fine granulates. This reduces the volume of the polystyrene by a third.

The granulator is fitted with a bag inside the machine that collects the granulates. The bag is easy to dispose of in your container.

The machine is fitted with a crusher. The crusher contains two shaft rotors. These rotate in high speed and in opposite directions and thereby efficiently cut the material into granulates.

As a rule of thumb, you can granulate all types of polystyrene that you can break with your hands.

The granulator can handle even very large pieces of EPS without you need to break them down first. The filling screen measures 548 x 552 mm.

The high filling opening is a matter of safety. It protects you from getting in contact with the crusher.

Polystyrene is an inactive material that doesn’t decay. When polystyrene is sent to a landfill it will stay there forever. Therefore, it is important that you handle your polystyrene responsibly.

If you handle a lot of polystyrene, compaction and recycling will reduce your total waste handling costs.  When you compact your polystyrene, it takes up less space in your container. You can save money on waste collections and container rentals – and you take responsibility for the environment.

It depends on the quantity and the type of polystyrene.

Our machines are built very sturdy with reinforced and rust resistant elements to enhance machine life time.

Yes, you can. The bag press compacts kitchen waste in a plastic bag placed inside a galvanized steel chamber. This prevents the bag from busting and there is no risk of contamination from the waste in the bag press to the food in your kitchen.

The bag press is developed for high hygiene environments and has a galvanized surface to make it resistant and durable, and eliminate the risk of contamination from paint and rust.

Our tipping systems are for standard plastic containers up to 1100 litres.

Yes, you can. We offer tipping systems with wheels so that you can lift your stationary plastic containers and bring them to your compactor. The wheels come in a fixed or flexible version and are equipped with brakes for your safety.