use a baler for cardboard

When using a baler for cardboard waste, you can reduce the volume by up to 90%

Cardboard is typically found in the form of used packaging such as cardboard boxes, folded or shredded material. You can save space by using a baler for cardboard waste. By selling your compacted cardboard bales you will protect the environment and earn a profit on your recyclables.

Cardboard waste and dumpsters in back area

How much space is needed for cardboard waste?

Loose cardboard and empty cardboard boxes can take up a lot  of space in your stock room, in your store or on your stock.

Man filling in cardboard box into yellow Bramidan carboard baler

Toss empty cardboard boxes in a baler for cardboard

We have a full range of balers in several different sizes to meet your specific needs. Take a look at the optional add-ons, like custom door types.

Man ejecting cardboard bale from Bramidan baler

Eject finished bales

Our balers for cardboard are built with the highest safety standards. The built-in automatic ejection system allows you to easily tilt out the finished bales.


  • stop Empty cardboard boxes take up space in your stock room
  • stop Expensive waste management bills for container rental and pick-ups
  • stop Too much time spent breaking down cardboard boxes


  • done Fewer waste pick-ups
  • done More space for storage
  • done Clean and safe work environment
  • done Income from your compacted cardboard

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Which type of waste material do you have?

Corrugated cardboard sheets

Corrugated cardboard sheets

Cardboard sheets are used as a middle layer to protect goods during transport.

Use a baler for cardboard to compact corrugated cardboard sheets with other cardboard waste and cardboard boxes. Layer a cardboard sheet at the bottom of the chamber before you start compacting and another as a top layer. Doing this allows for a more stable cardboard bale.

Cardboard bale on wooden pallet

Cardboard boxes

Cardboard boxes

By recycling cardboard, you are protecting the environment. We offer a full range of balers for cardboard in different sizes, including an extra wide feed opening for large cardboard boxes.

You will see a huge reduction in volume by compacting cardboard in a baler for cardboard - up to 90%. Almost any form of cardboard can be compressed in a baler.

Cardboard bales on top of each other

We recommend these balers for cardboard waste:

B4 for small cardboard boxes

The B4 stockroom baler for cardboard is perfect for small amounts of waste. This baler fits smoothly into stock rooms and narrow spaces.

Women filling in carboard into Bramidan B4 baler

Low noise level with the X25 baler for cardboard

Improve your company's internal logistics by placing a baler for cardboard at the waste source. Quickly fill cardboard waste into the baler.

Man filling in cardboard box into yellow Bramidan X25 baler

Strict safety regulations on B20

All of our balers for cardboard comply with the strictest safety regulations. Use a safe two-hand ejection system on the B20 baler.

Man ejecting cardboard bale from Bramidan B20 balepress

VIDEO: Small stockroom B3 and B4 balers for cardboard waste compaction

VIDEO: X-series baler for cardboard with even compaction and durability

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