use a CARDBOARD BALER and recycle

Compact your waste directly at the waste source - in a cardboard baler

Reduce time spent on waste handling and storage with a cardboard baler. Easily compact and dispose of your packaging waste directly at the waste source. You no longer need to cut and fold empty cardboard boxes for disposal.

Factory Cosmeva with Bramidan baler next to assembly line


  • stop Inefficient internal workflow
  • stop Time-consuming work with cutting and folding cardboard boxes
  • stop High transport costs and container rental


  • done Eliminate cardboard dumpsters
  • done Reduce overall costs
  • done Optimized work flow
  • done Efficient cardboard disposal

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Replace overfilled dumpsters with a cardboard baler

- and start earning money from your recyclables


Expensive waste pickups and overfilled dumpsters should not be your headache. You can improve environmental practices by compressing cardboard into easily transportable bales. Our cardboard balers are manufactured to help improve your company's logistical efficiency. Empty cardboard boxes take up very much space in a container.

By compacting your cardboard boxes, you can minimize the waste volume by up to 90 percent. Fewer container pickups means reduced waste handling costs. At the same time, high density cardboard bales can provide additional income. When you rent, finance, or buy a high-quality cardboard baler, you can count on a quick return on your investment.

Women filling in carboard into Bramidan B5 Wide baler

B5 Wide cardboard baler

Easy and safe to operate. The wide feed opening allows for large cardboard boxes.

Women ejecting cardboard bale from yellow Bramidan baler

B4 small cardboard baler

Very low noise level and automatic ejection of bale.

Man pulling cardboard bale away on pallet jack from yellow Bramidan baler

X25 strong cardboard baler

High density bales and a fast cycle time.

Why invest in our cardboard balers?

We offer you valuable advantages for your waste handling and state of the art technology

  • stop Earn a profit on your recyclables.
  • stop Reduce overall waste volume. Free up space in your stock room, warehouse, or manufacturing facility.
  • stop Transparent operating costs with the option of a full service agreement.
  • stop A work space that is safe and free of empty cardboard boxes.
  • stop Save money on the disposal of used packaging and increase your bottom line.
  • stop Use our BRA-IN data management to monitor your machines and analyze performance.
  • stop Lowest total cost of ownership (TCO) over 10 years. We want the cost of using our machines to be the lowest in the market over 10 years.

FREE trial of a cardboard baler

You can try a baler for free and see if it is a good fit for you and your business.

We provide delivery, installation, and training in the use of the machine.

Customer Reviews

See what our customers have to say about us. Thousands of customers around the world have used a Bramidan cardboard baler to handle their waste management needs. A high density cardboard baler can turn high volume cardboard boxes into compact manageable bales


Service and consumables

We guarantee our cardboard baler is the right choice for your needs. We also offer a reliable nationwide service network and consumables for your machine.

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