Waste compactors for efficient waste handling

With a waste compactor you get an efficient waste management!

Depending on your daily quantities of waste and your need for continous waste compaction, we offer you various types of waste compactors. A mobile compactor is a popular solution for large quantities of cardboard, combustible and organic waste.


  • stop Expensive rental and transport of containers
  • stop Staff spends too much time on waste handling
  • stop Big volumes of waste causing problems


  • done Easy installation and simple operation
  • done Full service agreement possible
  • done Less overall costs for waste handling
  • done Employees spend less time on waste handling

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Flexible waste compactors that are reliable year after year

- streamline your workflows, try our mobile compactors with various filling solutions.


Acme Systems works closely together with the German company PRESTO, which is one of Europe's largest and most experienced manufacturers of compactor solutions.

Our mobile waste compactors are reliable and easy to handle in connection with filling waste and emptying the container. At the same time, it is easy to adapt a mobile compactor into a larger waste system. It does not require substantial preparation of the installation site, but just needs to be connected to electricity.

All new mobile compactors can be equipped with a BRA-IN modem, which is Bramidan's intelligent data management system. This guarantees a reliable and efficient waste handling. Eg. it sends a text or email when the compactor is almost full. And our service team has online access to troubleshooting.

Waste compactors with ramp feeding and bin lifter

Filling of waste from ramp

These mobile compactors have a ramp filling. This solution facilitates easy handling of waste.

Mobile compactor model HGS20 with bin lifter

Mobile compactor with lift

You can have a mobile waste compactor supplied with fixed lift for easy emptying of waste bins.


Self-cleaning mobile compactor in the yard of a retail store

Self-cleaning mobile compactor

Installation in the yard of retail store. Easy access to waste disposal ensures efficient handling.

Waste compactor standing outside with filling of waste through the wall

Custom-designed solution

Installation at Billund Airport. A solution with filling of waste through the wall. This reduces time spent on internal transport of waste.

Why invest in a mobile compactor?

We offer you valuable advantages for your waste management and state of the art technology

  • stop Quick and easy installation. Connect power and the compactor is ready for use.
  • stop Various solutions for easy filling eg. from ramp, through wall or with fixed lift.
  • stop Large capacity for compaction of waste.
  • stop Less CO2 emission due to less transports for emptying containers.
  • stop Models are available with self-cleaning press plate for compaction of organic waste.
  • stop Get clear budgeting of operating costs - take advantage of our full service agreement
  • stop Online troubleshooting and better overview with access to data about machines via Bramidan's intelligent BRA-IN data system BRA-IN data management
  • stop Lowest total cost over 10 years (TCO - Total Cost of Ownership). We want to offer the lowest costs on the market for using our machines through 10 years.

Intelligent data management

Make faster and better decisions with our BRA-IN online monitoring system. A modem and a data subscription will help you optimize your waste handling and reduce costs.

BRA-IN enables our service team to use online troubleshooting, meaning less service visits and cost savings. They can correct many errors online or bring the correct spare parts.

Customer Reviews

See what our customers have to say about us. Thousands of customers around the world have used a Bramidan cardboard baler to handle their waste management needs. A high density cardboard baler can turn high volume cardboard boxes into compact manageable bales


Service and consumables

We guarantee our cardboard baler is the right choice for your needs. We also offer a reliable nationwide service network and consumables for your machine.

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