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Benefit from a monitoring solution for your equipment

When you buy vertical balers, compactors or horizontal balers for your waste handling, we offer you an advantageous monitoring system, called BRA-IN Intelligence.

With our BRA-IN tracking system you can connect, monitor and analyze data from your entire fleet of baler machines and compactors. This helps you reduce your waste handling costs and also minimize the impact, which your daily business may have on the environment.

All you need is a subscription and a BRA-IN modem in your baler machine or a BRA-IN Control Unit in your mobile compactor. Then you can start reducing your maintenance costs with remote service and automated pick-ups of finished bales and full compactors.

We offer various sizes and types of machines for compacting your recyclables, like paper balers, cardboard balers, plastic balers, horizontal balers for plastic or cardboard etc. Our sales consultants will help you find the right solution for the needs in your company.

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